Incredible Stories from People Who Witnessed World Events

Uruguay winger Alcides Ghiggia witness to Brazil’s World Cup shock

Sally Alexander witnesses The Miss World Protest

The Failed Royal Kidnapping of Princess Anne by Jim Beaton

Rwanda: The day the prime minister was murdered by UN aid worker Adama Daff

My Fight to become A Woman Priest byAngela Berners-Wilson

The day I said goodbye to Cuba by Mirta Oijto

Tiananmen Square: My memories

Nazis filmed the destruction of my village by Jaroslava Sklenickova

The sinking of the Rainbow Warrior by Pete Willcox, the Rainbow Warrior’s captain

‘I survived the Israeli airport massacre’ by Ros Sloboda

Tunnelling under the Berlin Wall to save my girlfriend

Warsaw Ghetto: A survivor’s tale

The day the Biafran war came to my village

Miss World: My protest at 1970 beauty pageant

The Soviet tape-recording rebels after Khrushchev’s Secret Speech

Jimi Hendrix and me: Former girlfriend Kathy Etchingham’s story

The fight that changed boxing forever

The day a nation buried WW2 leader Winston Churchill

The revolution that rocked Mexico

Katarina Witt recalls her Winter Olympic figure-skating victory

The Scream: I found the stolen painting

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