Coldplay – Warsaw Stadium, 19th September 2012

before Coldplay, Marina and the Diamonds the Welsh songstress and her band did a great job to warm the audience up for the Coldplay show. Coldplay came on at 21:00 to an expectant audience and they did not disappoint. I saw Coldplay at the heineken open’er last year and that was a great show but the difference last night was that this was ‘their’ show and so all the light show and effects were exactly as they wanted them. That included the wristbands distributed on entrance which lit up in an orgy of flashing colourful lights once the music started. They were controlled by radio signals and came of and on according to certain musical cues.

Chris Martin immediately set to work on creating a raport with the audience and threw in ‘dziękuję’ and ‘dzięki’ (thank you and thanks in Polish) which delighted fans. The set was well thought out and a really flowing show starting with the sound of Mylo Xyloto. Chris Martin was full of energy, at times running along the T-shape extended cat-walk. So much so that within a few songs he was dripping beads of sweat onto the piano during “the scientist”. Photos from the gig

Apart from the flashing wrist-bands there was confetti projected into the audience from around three cannons and at various points huge balloons and inflatables were released into the audience. I’m not sure if the small yellow balloons were not the idea of the fans because Chris Marting commented after “Yellow” – ‘I like the balloons’.

A really great touch was the fact that at the ‘end’ the group left the stage with the audience roaring for more and then appeared in the middle of the fans on the pitch on a small stage to play “Us Against The World” and “Speed of Sound”.

The only complaint is the acoustics of the stadium which from our position was such an issue that at times it was difficult to hear the words (and in Coldplay’s set the words are pretty important). Maybe the sound is good if you are on the floor in front of the stage but the main issue is the echo from the back of the stadium which seems to affect those in the seats in the middle of the stadium at each side. The options are to either put baffle boards hanging from the roof to soak up that sound or (and I suspect this is the more practical solution short-term) find out if the floor area is better and go there. I’d be interested to get comments on this.

Acoustics aside, (that was nothing to do with Coldplay) I would recommend going to a Coldplay concert because of the sheer professionalism of the show – the atmosphere, the music and affinity of the band with fans.

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