Open’er day three: Bloc party, Franz Ferdinand, M83

We arrived by train and bus today in order to take advantage of the wide range of beers available at the festival site (Heineken and Desperado) but what really made the night magical was the fact that as we arrived to seer the Bloc party gig there was a huge bank of dark grey cloud coming in from the coast which didn’t drop its load on use and bypassed the site in spite of the usual pre-storm wind rush, leaving a beautiful sunset in place for the band to appreciate. This was their second Open’er appearance.

Kele Okereke interspersed the songs with his whimsical dry banter. Ironic that they shared the same stage with Franz Ferdinand as it is said that they got their break by passing a demo of She’s Hearing Voices to Steve Lamacq and Alex Kapranos. Their style more recently has been compared to and inspired by such bands as Radiohead, U2, Depeche Mode, and Björk.[6] Some of the most noticeable changes between debut Silent Alarm and A Weekend in the City are that the songs became more layered and less raw due to inclusion of string arrangements. The set felt right for the setting sun.

Whilst waiting for Franz Ferdinand I called at the Alter Art stage to catch a song by Trupa Trupa with the rather unpolitically correct title and chorus “I hope you get raped”. The supporting film consisted of various images with voice bubbles of “I hate”. I didn’t get the point.

Franz Ferdinand played a polished set with a number of new songs which made it interesting. Of course the hits went down like a pint of anything else but Heineken and the show was replete with not only a drum solo but one in which the whole band joined in on Toms and side drums. At the end of the concert it felt like we had already had our moneys worth for the night even though there were a number of acts still potentially to watch. So I wound-down by watching and listening to M83 which had a kind of synthy ‘Foreigner’ sound. Didn’t stay for the whole set though as I felt a bit hungry and went to get a pizza to sustain me for the bus/train journey home. At least travelling by bus/train did mean that we didn’t get stopped by the police tonight like the first two nights in the car.

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