Sax in contemporary music

Sax in Contemporary Music – Edgy, Gutsy
On Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service a couple of weeks ago he asked people to write in with examples of sax that was not in the ‘smooth jazz’ genre. I gleaned from the banter at that point that Jarvis is not a huge fan of ‘smooth jazz sax’. I wrote in to the BBC email address that Jarvis mentioned to put the case for non-smooth, edgy, gutsy sax in music from the last couple of decades: “In your for the show last Sunday you raised an interesting point about sax in tracks that don’t make you urge because they are ‘smooth jazz sweet candy’ etc. Here are some that are anything but:
stereo mc’s – connected
Colloseum – Dick Heckstall-Smith (RIP) – “rope ladder to the moon”
Xrayspex – identity & The day the world turned dayglo
Dizzy Rascal – Flex – with Atlantic Horns
Gong – Didier Malherbe – camembert electrique: “Tropical Fish”
beatles (yes) – Rony Scott – lady Madonna (short but blinding)
frank zappa – Hot Rats – peaches en regalia –
Edgar Winter – frankenstein
Skalpel – polish Jazz vs. Skalpel
Lou Reed – Take a walk on the wild side
Blurt – enemy ears
King Crimson – 21st century schizoid man (Ian Macdonald)
king crimson – ladies of the road (Mel Collins)
tears for fears (used in many songs thoughtfully)

Mel Collins is fairly ubiquitous. probably I’ll find more and kick myself that I didn’t mention some others. I’ve tried to keep away from the more obvious ones.

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