Gareth Saunders Un-plugged in Galanga, ul. Skarpowa, Sopot

Saturday 27th April at Galaga in Sopot on the north coast of Poland, Gareth Saunders played an intimate unplugged concert with guitar support from Mr. S. The Brit songster and his six-string support from Gdynia held the audience rapt with attention and appreciative of the additional notes provided by Gareth in Polish for the Sopot audience in between songs.

He started the evening with The Chemical Times, a song from his earlier repertoire, in a strong and confident style that set the tone for the whole evening. It captured the attention of all the young polish and international audience. The sound was adequately balanced between the vocals and the two acoustic guitars which at appropriate moments successfully fulfilled the role of rhythm and even bass by some inventive dexterity from Mr. S.

Among memorable tracks was ‘Der Sandman’ a very interesting new song with clever rhythms. ‘I’ll be Your Cup’ is an emotionally charged racy new song and a small clip is in the film. ‘Sliding’ the hit single from a couple of years ago was included in a refreshing unplugged way and the high point of the set was the final song ‘The High Rise in the Sunshine’. Watch out for more from Gareth in the next few months as he completes his new album and starts tours to promote it.

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